A Bruised Reed

A bruised reed He will not break, and smoking flax He will not quench

September Randomness September 29, 2008

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I thought I would dedicate a post every month to random bits and pieces about our kids… just in case anyone is interested in these sorts of things!

Fun Things They Do

Hannah likes to walk around the apartment with socks on her hands.

Josiah likes to make silly noises… he has earned the nickname “dragon baby” because they sound like noises that I would imagine a baby dragon might make.

Friends They Have

Hannah enjoys the company of older kids… although her best friends are two boys from church who live nearby. She has spent many hours at their house during Josiah’s clinic appointments.

Josiah enjoys everyone!

Their Favorite Things to Do

Hannah enjoys life in general! She loves singing (and is quite good at carrying a tune) reading, playing with her Little People, watching Toy Story, and playing with Daddy. And for some reason, she love planes, trains and… semi-trucks (!?)

Josiah also loves spending time with Daddy… for some reason Daddy is capable of making Josiah laugh in a way that Mommy can’t. His new favorite toy to play with is a ball, but he will enthusiastically play with pretty much anything – this guy is easy to please!

Foods They Love

Hannah has two food groups… dairy and carbs. I’m afraid she’s out of luck if she decides to go on a diet someday.

Josiah will eat anything I put in his mouth. His favorite is sweet potatoes (one of mine, also!)

What They are Learning

Hannah has been working on her vocabulary. The latest phrases have been “oh cool,” “oh neat” and “okay.” (I think we have a theme here.) She has also been learning about animals and colors.

Josiah is still trying to learn to roll over. He hates being on his tummy, so he has no reason to want to roll over! Unfortunately, that doesn’t help with strengthening his shoulder muscles for crawling… He has learned to sit, and is quite stable on his own – he loves the independence that it gives him!

Things Mommy Loves

Hannah is so cheerful, and a great sleeper. If she’s asked if she wants to take a nap or got to bed, she will enthusiastically respond “yeeeeesssssss!” How great is that??

Mommy loves Josiah’s full-belly laugh and open-mouth kisses!

(I’m adding photos from our day at the Walworth County Fair in Elkhorn Wisconsin earlier this month)


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