A Bruised Reed

A bruised reed He will not break, and smoking flax He will not quench

Thursday’s Update September 26, 2008

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I am feeling the pull of gravity right now… but it’s not just down… it’s down toward my bed. What a long day. Josiah had his optical exam at 1:15. It lasted for about 45 minutes (because of time needed to let the eye drops work.) The Doctor was very outgoing and friendly, which made the appointment quite pleasant. The first basic exam came back good, and, after his eyes had dialated, the second exam also came out with normal results. I was so happy to hear that good news!

After that exam, we wandered around Lincoln Park for a while, grabbed dinner, and then headed back for the MRI. I was allowed to go into the test room with him. They had him all bundled up – he looked like a burrito. His outer “shell” was an air-filled pouch that tightened to restrict his movement. They also put plugs in his ears, padded his head, and strapped it down firmly in a frame. Through the entire bundling process, he continued to flirt with all of the nurses and technicians.

The last MRI that he had done required that he be sedated, and it lasted for a couple of hours. This time was quite a bit shorter – well under 10 minutes, so he was left alert. While in the MRI tunnel, he went from happy to sad, and then back to happy. I think that I would rather hear him cry a little bit, than have to watch him wake up from anesthesia like the last time.

We did not receive results from this MRI tonight. It may be up to a week, although I think that the surgeon will probably call us as soon as she is able to.

Thank you all for your prayers, e-mails, etc. It has been an encouragement to us… As soon as I have news the MRI, I will write an update!


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